The 2010 IEEE/ACM Internet of Things Symposium (IOTS-2010)
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1 IOTS-1 Tolerance-based Adaptive Online Outlier Detection for Internet of Things Qiang Shen, Zhijun Zhao, Wenjia Niu, Yu Liu, Hui Tang Y Y
2 IOTS-2 Inter-Cell Interference Coordination with Adaptive Frequency-Reuse for VoIP and Data Traffic in Downlink of 3GPP-LTE Zahra Bakhti, Shahriar Shirvani Moghadam withdrawal withdrawal
3 IOTS-3 Evaluating Effectiveness of a Routing Protocol on IEEE 802.11n Wireless LANs MohammadReza EffatParvar Nasser Yazdani, Mehdi EffatParvar, Ali Movaghar withdrawal withdrawal
4 IOTS-4 Research on Multi-Agent Automated Negotiation & Dynamic Cooperation Method Based on Associated Intent Zeqing Jiang, Xiaohong Lin, Weijin Jiang withdrawal withdrawal
5 IOTS-5 An Adaptive Indoor Location Detection Method using Hybrid of Radio signal and Image Sensors Wei Zhou, Xiaojun Ma, Jun Li Y Y
6 IOTS-6 XPlaces: An Open Framework to Support the Digital Living at Home Massimo Deriu, Gavino Paddeu, Alessandro Soro Y Y
7 IOTS-7 Research on Locating and Tracking Automotive Products in Workshop based on Active RFID Technology Zhiyong Luo, Chaoyang Xing, Heng Wang, Ping Wang Y Y
8 IOTS-8 RFID - from Tracking to the Internet of Things:  A Review of Developments Benjamin Khoo Y Y
9 IOTS-9 Tracking and Identification of Animals for a Digital Zoo Johannes Karlsson, Keni Ren, Haibo Li Y Y
10 IOTS-10 An Intelligent RFID System for Consumer Businesses Subbu Somasundaram, Ambica Pawan Khandavilli, Srinivas Sampalli Y Y
11 IOTS-11 A High-confidence Cyber-Physical Alarm System: Design and Implementation Longhua Ma, Tengkai Yuan, Feng Xia, Ming Xu, Jun Yao, Meng Shao; Y Y
12 IOTS-12 D-TDMA: An Approach of Dynamic TDMA Scheduling for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks Yun Wang, Peizhong Shi, Kai Li, Zhikui Chen Y Y
13 IOTS-13 A Communication Protocol of Wireless Sensor Network for Mobile Healthcare System Feng Wang, Jiayu Zhu, Meng Shen Y Y
14 IOTS-14 Peer-to-Peer framework for RFID/non-RFID reader-enabled users Oscar Botero, Hakima Chaouchi Y Y
15 IOTS-15 Efficient synchronization method for IR-UWB 802.15.4a non-coherent energy detection receiver Dan Kreiser, Sonom Olonbayar Y Y
16 IOTS-16 How key establishment in medical sensor networks benefits from near field communication technology Oliver Maye, Steffen Peter; Y Y
17 IOTS-17 A Semantic Enhanced Service Proxy Framework for Internet of Things Sarfraz Alam, Josef Noll Y Y
18 IOTS-18 A Cognitive QoS Method Based on Parameter Sensitivity Zhikui Chen, Feng Han, Yang Liu Y Y
19 IOTS-19 A Trust Model Based on Service Classification in Mobile Services Yang Liu, Zhikui Chen, Feng Xia, Xiaoning Lv, Fanyu Bu Y Y
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