The 2010 International Workshop on Green Communication of Cellular Networks (GCCN-2010)
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1 GCCN-3 An energy efficient WLAN Skype Deployment using GSM Wakeup Signals Lifu Wang, Dasheng Zhao, Lei Ming zdshust"at" Y Y
2 GCCN-7 Energy Savings Modeling and Performance Analysis in Multi-Power-State Base Station Systems Iztok Humar, Jing Zhang, Zeshi Wu, Lin Xiang iztok.humar"at" Y Y
3 GCCN-8 The Analysis of Transverse Wave Propagation in Dielectric Waveguide Jiasheng TIAN , Shilei XU, Jian Shi and Tianlin DONG  tianjs"at"  withdrawal withdrawal
Array for Microwave Circuit design 
4 GCCN-11 A Frame Traffic Control Algorithm for IEEE802.11 WLAN  Chuang Liu, Xiaohu Ge, Lin Xiang, Chengqian Cao, Ke Zhang  xhge"at"  Y Y
5 GCCN-15 A Serial MIS based CDS Constructing Algorithm for Wireless Networks  Yuming Wang, Dasheng Zhao  ymwang"at" Y Y
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