The 3rd IEEE Conference on Cybernetics (CYBCONF-2017)
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CYBCONF-102 Multiscale Feature Fusion for Face Identification Xin Wei, Hui Wang, Huan Wan, Bryan Scotney
CYBCONF-104 SCPLBS:A Smart Cooperative Platform for Load Balancing and Security on SDN Distributed Controllers Hong Zhong, Jianqiao Sheng, Jie Cui, Yan Xu   
CYBCONF-106 A Novel Efficient Index Model and Modified Chord Protocol for Decentralized Service Repositories Dejun Miao, Rongyan Xu, Lu Liu, Yan Wu, Paul Comerford, Zhao Xu
CYBCONF-108 Intelligent integrated coking flue gas index prediction and steady state value calculation Yaning Li, Xuelei Wang, Jie Tan, Chengbao Liu, Xiwei Bai
CYBCONF-110 Particle swarm optimization based adaptable predictor of glycemia values Martin Macas, Katerina Stechova, Pavlina Pithova, Kyriaki Saiti, Lenka Lhotska
CYBCONF-114 Robot Pathfinding Using Vision Based Obstacle Detection Rahib Abiyev, Murat Arslan, Irfan Gunsel, Ahmet Cagman
CYBCONF-118 Efficient Time-To-Collision estimation for a braking supervision system with LIDAR Matevž Bošnak, Igor Škrjanc
CYBCONF-119 Temporal evolution of motion superpixel for video classification Novanto Yudistira, Takio Kurita
CYBCONF-120 MICE: Multi-layer Multi-model Images Classifier Ensemble Plamen Angelov, Xiaowei Gu
CYBCONF-124 Deploying Self-Organisation to Improve Task Execution in a Multi-Agent Systems Asia Al-karkhi, Maria Fasli
CYBCONF-129 Multiple Metric Learning in Kernel Space for Person Re-identification Tongwen Xu, Yonghong Song, Yuanlin Zhang
CYBCONF-130 Analysis of Temporal Features in Data Streams from Multiple Wearable Devices Tongtong Xu, Ao Guo, Jianhua Ma
CYBCONF-131 Multi-Project Scheduling by Fuzzy Combinatorial Auction Chi-Bin Cheng, Chiao-Yu Lo
CYBCONF-132 Decoupling Temporal Dynamics for Naturalistic Affect Recognition in a Two-Stage Regression Framework Yona Falinie A. Gaus, Asim Jan, Hongying Meng
CYBCONF-133 Building a Viable Information Security Sabine Goldes, Ralf Schneider, Christian M. Schweda, Jawed Zamani
CYBCONF-134 Complexity Barriers and the Viable System Model Mark Evans, Andrew Laws
CYBCONF-135 Facilitating Reproducible Computing via Scientific Workflows - An Intigrated System Approach Yuan Cao, Yao Liang
CYBCONF-136 Parametric Integer Cosine Transform Weijia Cao, Yicong Zhou
CYBCONF-138 Self-Assessment as Cybernetics Mechanism for QoS Adaptation in Networked Systems Kaliappa Ravindran, Yassine Wardei
CYBCONF-140 Reachability and observability of the fractional linear systems with state and output feedbacks Tadeusz Kaczorek
CYBCONF-144 A DEMATEL and AHP based Method for Tacit Knowledge Quantization Jia Hao, Qiangfu Zhao, Guoxin Wang, Yan Yan
CYBCONF-145 Towards the Gosper Space Filling Curve Implementation Vojtěch Uher, Petr Gajdo?, Václav Sná?el
CYBCONF-146 Research the intelligent design and simulation system of Tujia brocade Tao Hu, Jun Li, Jin Wang, Li Zhu, Xiaoyan Li
CYBCONF-147 Combining Machine Learning and Genetic Algorithms to Solve the Independent Tasks Scheduling Problem Bernabe Dorronsoro, Frederic Pinel
CYBCONF-148 Reverse engineering biological complexity through artificial evolution Yao Yao, Yves Van de Peer
CYBCONF-149 Automatic Extraction of MRI Radiomics Features in Glioblastoma Multiforme: A Reproducibility Evaluation Zhi-Cheng Li, Yinsheng Chen, Qihua Li, Qiuchang Sun, Ronghui Luo
CYBCONF-151 Optimization control of coking flue gas denitration process by CBR Yaning Li, Xuelei Wang, Xiwei Bai, Jie Tan, Chengbao Liu
CYBCONF-152 Self-Adaptive Time-Series Based Forecast Models for Predicting Quality Criteria in Microfluidics Chip Production Edwin Lughofer, Robert Pollak, Alexandru-Ciprian Zavoianu, Pauline Meyer-Heye, Helmut Zörrer, Christian Eitzinger, Julia Haim, Thomas Radauer
CYBCONF-153 Multi-Objective Planning for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Considering TOU Price Qiao Sun, Xingzhen Bai, Lu Liu, Fasheng Liu, Xingquan Ji, James Hardy
CYBCONF-154 Towards a New Stability Criterion for Fractional-Order Perfect Control of LTI MIMO Discrete-Time Systems in State-Space Wojciech Hunek, Lukasz Wach
CYBCONF-155 Personal Health Indicators by Deep Learning of Smart Phone Sensor Data Honggui Li, Maria Trocan
CYBCONF-156 A Mathematical Approach to Conflict Resolution in the Arctic Region Fuad Aleskerov, Sergey Shvydun
CYBCONF-157 Strategy of Modeling and Simulation for Tujia Brocade Yarn ZHAO Gang, LU Shuai, ZHU Wenjuan, ZAN Hui, LI Jun
CYBCONF-158 Research on Tujia Brocade Craft Visualization based on Unmarked Motion Capture Technique ZHAO Gang, DI Bingbing, YU Yali, ZAN Hui
CYBCONF-159 Target Tracking Optimization of UAV Swarms based on Dual-Pheromone Clustering Matthias Brust, Maciej Zurad, Laurent Hentges, Leandro Gomes, Gregoire Danoy, Pascal Bourvy
CYBCONF-160 Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation of Hybrid Cyber-Physical Systems Petr Novak, Petr Kadera, Manuel Wimmer
CYBCONF-162 A Reward and Penalty based approach for Online Feature Selection Rashmi Dutta Baruah, Shivashankar B. Nair
CYBCONF-165 Model-Based Development of an In-Flight Entertainment System Scott Leonard, Joanna Olszewska
CYBCONF-167 Gender and Age Classification of Human Faces for Automatic Detection of Anomalous Human Behaviour Xiaofeng` Wang, Azliza Mohd Ali, Plamen Angelov
CYBCONF-168 Vehicle ROI Extraction Based on Area Estimation Gaussian Mixture Model ZhaoNan Huang ZhaoNan Huang, HuaBiao Qin HuaBiao Qin, Qing Liu Qing Liu
CYBCONF-169 Gaze Modulated Disambiguation Technique for Gesture Control in 3D Virtual Objects Selection Shujie Deng, Jian Chang, Shi-Min Hu, Jian Jun Zhang
CYBCONF-170 The scheduling of public bicycle-sharing systems with Petri net Hong Zheng, Wenxuan Deng, Litian Li, Xingjian Lu
CYBCONF-173 Novel Forecast of Multi-path Fading Channel Using Support Vector Domain of Kernel Function Yijing Ren, Re R
CYBCONF-174 MOB-Y: Smart Grid for sustainable urban MOBility with retrofit Electric Vehicles Luca Secco, Andrea Alberti, Emanuele Lindo Secco
CYBCONF-175 Cognitive Enhancement with Mixed Reality Technologies: Views from Cognitive Science, Philosophy and Aesthetics Artur Gunia, Bipin Indurkhya
Special Session on Image Processing and Pattern Recognition (IPPR-2017)
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IPPR-4 A Unified Deep Learning Model for Protein Structure Prediction Lin Bai and Lina Yang
IPPR-12 Community detection and analysis in PPI network Yin Pang
IPPR-17 Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Destriping Using Sparse Learning and Spatial Unidirection Prior Yulong Wang, Yuan Yan Tang, Cuiming Zou and Lina Yang
IPPR-18 Using Graph-Based Ensemble Learning to Classify Imbalanced Data Anyong Qin, Zhaowei Shang, Jinyu Tian, Taiping Zhang, Yulong Wang and Yuan Yan Tang
IPPR-20 Indirect Method-Potential Theory in The Harmonic Transformation Model Lina Yang, Lin Bai, Yuan Yan Tang, Huiwu Luo, Yulong Wang and Jianjia Pan
IPPR-26 Zero-shot Learning With Fuzzy Attribute Chong Wen Liu, Zhaowei Shang and Yuan Yan Tang
IPPR-27 A decomposition-and-ensemble forecasting method based on EMEMD and FWNN training by PSOSSO Jianjia Pan, Yuan Yan Tang and Lina Yang 
IPPR-34 Multiple Object Tracking using Fuzzy Logic for Handling Uncertainty Sang-Il Oh and Hang-Bong Kang 
IPPR-36 Autoencoder with Extended Morphological Profile for Hyperspectral Image Classification Huiwu Luo, Yuan Yan Tang, Lina Yang, Xu Yang and Hong Li
Special Session on Computational Awareness and Knowledge Engineering (CAKE-2017)
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CAKE-22 Crowd Preferenc Mining and Analysis based on Regional Characteristics on Airbnb Moloud Abdar and Neil Yen
CAKE-23 Recognition of Frequently Appeared Locations/Activities Based on Infrared Sensor Array Yuta Kobiyama, Qiangfu Zhao, Ryo Ota and Shoichi Ichimura
CAKE-24 A GMM-based User Model for Knowledge Recommendation Nian Yang, Guoxin Wang, Jia Hao, Yan Yan and Hairong Han
CAKE-25 An ELM-Based Privacy Preserving Protocol for Implementing Aware Agents Masato Hashimoto and Qiangfu Zhao
CAKE-41 Towards Integrative Multimedia Understanding for Cognitive Robotics Based on Mental Image Directed Semantic Theory Rojanee Khummongkol and Masao Yokota
CAKE-43 Interpreting Multilayer Perceptrons Using 3-Valued Activation Function Tomoya Furukawa and Qiangfu Zhao
CAKE-50 Measuring the Effectiveness of Hidden Context Usage by Machine Learning Methods under Conditions of Increased Entropy of Noise Maciej Huk
Special Session on Granular Computing (GrC-2017)
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GrC-30 Granularity into Functional Networks Vincenzo Loia and Stefania Tomasiello
GrC-33 Collective Perception in Smart Tourism Destinations with Rough Sets Giuseppe D'Aniello, Matteo Gaeta and Marek Z. Reformat
GrC-44 Migration Effect of Hierarchical Multi-population Genetic Algorithm Tzung-Pei Hong, Yuan-Ching Peng, Wen-Yang Lin and Shyue-Liang Wang
Special Session on Security and Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems (SPCPS-2017)
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SPCPS-7 Securing Dynamic Firmware Updates of Mixed-Critical Applications Georgios Kornaros and Svoronos Leivadaros
SPCPS-8 Exploring Security Vulnerabilities of LoRa Emekcan Aras, Gowri Sankar Ramachandran, Piers Lawrence and Danny Hughes
Workshop on Cognition in Mixed Realities (CogMiR-2017)
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CogMiR-9 Confidence in Expressing Novel Textures Ryoko Uno, Yuta Ogai, Sachiko Hirata-Mogi and Yoshikatsu Hayashi
CogMiR-28 Creating Memorable Experiences in Virtual Reality: Theory of Its Processes and Preliminary Eye-tracking Study using Omnidirectional Movies with Audio-Guide Muneo Kitajima, Shono Shimizu and Katsuko T. Nakahira
CogMiR-29 Content-Aware 3D Reconstruction with Gaze Data Julius Schöning, Xianta Jiang, Carlo Menon and Gunther Heidemann
CogMiR-45 Emotions as intrinsic cognitive load Amitash Ojha, Francesca Ervas and Elisabetta Gola
CogMiR-47 A Gaze-Centered Multimodal Approach to Human-Human Social Interaction Ulku Arslan Aydin, Sinan Kalkan and Cengiz Acarturk
CogMiR-48 Cognitive Enhancement with Mixed Reality Technologies: Views from Cognitive Science, Philosophy and Aesthetics Artur Gunia and Bipin Indurkhya
Special Session on Cyber Security (CyberSec-2017)
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CyberSec-1 Applying High-Performance Bioinformatics Tools for Outlier Detection in Log Data Markus Wurzenberger, Florian Skopik, Roman Fiedler and Wolfgang Kastner
CyberSec-10 A Feasibility Study of Autonomically Detecting In-process Cyber-Attacks Fangzhou Sun, Peng Zhang, Jules White, Douglas Schmidt, Jacob Staples and Lee Krause
CyberSec-13 Acquiring Cyber Threat Intelligence through Security Information Correlation Giuseppe Settanni, Yegor Shovgenya, Florian Skopik, Roman Graf, Markus Wurzenberger and Roman Fiedler
CyberSec-14 Identification of Scanning and Attacks Against Web Applications with Graph-based Modeling of Users' Behavior Marek Zachara
Special Session on Deep Learning for Prediction and Estimation (DLPE-2017)
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DLPE-46 Representation learning of drug and disease terms for drug repositioning Sahil Manchanda and Ashish Anand
DLPE-49 MICE: Multi-layer Multi-model Images Classifier Ensemble Plamen Angelov and Xiaowei Gu
Special Session on Information Management in Human-Centric Systems (IMHCS-2017)
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IMHCS-5 Visualizing Sentence Parse Trees with WordBricks Marina Purgina and Maxim Mozgovoy
IMHCS-6 Study Intonation: Mobile Environment for Prosody Teaching Yurij Lezhenin, Anton Lamtev, Vadim Dyachkov, Karina Vylegzhanina, Natalia Bogach and Elena Boitsova
IMHCS-19 Designing Human-Centric Applications: Transdisciplinary Connections with Examples Evgeny Pyshkin
Workshop on PRactical Applications of CogniTIve Computing in Emerging topics (PRACTICE-2017)
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PRACTICE-2 Online Laplacian-Regularized Support Vector Regression Lianbo Zhang and Weifeng Liu
PRACTICE-15 An Image Contrast Enhancement Algorithm Using PLIP-based Histogram Modification Zhou Zhao and Yicong Zhou
PRACTICE-32 Simulating human detection of phishing websites - An investigation into the applicability of ACT-R cognitive behaviour architecture model Nick Williams and Shujun Li
PRACTICE-38 Can Humans Detect the Authenticity of Social Media Accounts? On the impact of verbal and non-verbal cues on credibility judgements of Twitter profiles Christopher Sandy, Patrice Rusconi and Shujun Li
PRACTICE-40 Parametric Integer Cosine Transform Weijia Cao and Yicong Zhou
The 2017 International Symposium on Advanced Topics on Cybernetics (ATC-2017)
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ATC-101 Development of Novel Algorithm to Determine the RIce Varieties Using Digital Image Processing Method Rajlakshmi Ghatkamble
ATC-103 An Efficient Two CSA Architecture For Modular Multiplication and Modular Exponentiation Vivek Kumar
ATC-105 SoftTarget Regularization: An Effective Technique to Reduce Over-Fitting in Neural Networks Armen Aghajanyan
ATC-107 Multi-feature kernel discriminant dictionary learning for classification in Alzheimer's disease Qing Li, Xia Wu, Lele Xu, Li Yao, Kewei Chen
ATC-109 Implementation and Comparison of Detection Algorithm for Non Intrusive Load Switching Events Wenxiao Li, Bo Yin
ATC-115 Fusion of low frequency coefficients of DCT transform image for face and palmprint multimodal biometrics Nurain Mohamad, Muhammad Imran Ahmad, Ruzelita Ngadiran, Mohd Nazrin Md Isa, Abdul Majid Darsono
ATC-116 Innovative Mobile Visualization platform: specification on a prototype mobile application for agriculture yongjun zheng, Tamim Altamimi
ATC-127 Reusability of evidences among safety and security assessments in the Aviation domain Marco Manso, Manuele Barbieri, Raoul Pianca, Clemente Fuggini
ATC-164 Human Gender Classification based on Gait Features using Kinect Sensor Mohammed Ahmed, Azhin Sabir
ATC-171 A steady-state genetic algorithm for the tree t -spanner problem shyam sundar
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