The 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Wireless Sensor, Actuator and Robot Networks (WiSARN-2010)
Serial Paper-ID Title Authors E-mail Upload Registration Payment
1 WiSARN-100 Design and Realization of a Prototype of Underwater Wireless Sensor Network Shuo Wang and Min Tan withdrawal withdrawal
2 WiSARN-101 Minimum Cost Routing with a Lifetime Guarantee in Wireless Sensor Networks Huanjie Hong, Lihui Tu and Gang Zhou Y Y
3 WiSARN-102 Mathematical Frameworks for Building a Trust Management System for MANET Sushmita Ruj, Amiya Nayak and V. Narasimhan Y Y
4 WiSARN-103 Pursuit-Evasion Games on Path Planning With Obstacle Avoidance Based on Ant Colony Optimization Rong Du, Xiaobin Zhang, Cailian Chen and Xinping Guan Y Y
5 WiSARN-104 Adaptive Data-Centric Storage in Wireless Sensor Networks Sepehr Babaei and Masoud Sabaei withdrawal withdrawal
6 WiSARN-105 Ring-Walk Based Channel-Hopping Algorithms with Guaranteed Rendezvous for Cognitive Radio Networks Hai Liu, Zhiyong Lin, Xiaowen Chu, and Yiu-Wing Leung Y Y
7 WiSARN-106 A Comprehensive Review of Sensor Relocation Wei Shi and Jean-Pierre Corriveau Y Y
8 WiSARN-107 SN-MPR: A Multi-Point Relay Based Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks Yasir Faheem and Saadi Boudjit Y Y
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