The International Workshop on Universal User Modeling and Applications (UUMA-2010)
Serial Paper-ID Title Authors E-mail Upload Registration Payment
1 UUMA-113 Game System of Treadmill based on Video Capture Hai Hu, Yi Cui, Benxiong Huang Y Y
2 UUMA-124  Solar cells system based on light positioning Min Yutang, Luo Xiaoling, Huang Benxiong Y Y
3 UUMA-140  Social Services Computing: Concepts, Research Challenges, and Directions Suke Li,  Zhong Chen Y Y
4 UUMA-148  A Hybrid Approach to Making Recommendation Based on Ontology and Neural Networks in the Movie Domain Yong Deng, Huayou Si, Hu Xiong, Zhonghai Wu, Zhong Chen Y Y
5 UUMA-180 Search Results Clustering Based on Suffix Array and VSM Shuanlai Bai, Wenhao Zhu, Bofeng Zhang Y Y
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