The 3rd IEEE/ACM International Conference on Cyber, Physical and Social Computing (CPSCom-2010)
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1 CPSCom-102 Activity Recognition from Call Detail Record: Relation Between Mobile Behavior Pattern And Social Attribute Using Hierarchical Conditional Random fields Chen Zhou, Zhengguang Xu, Furong Wang   Y Y
2 CPSCom-104 Modeling, Optimization of Cyber-Physical Systems  Based on Peer-to-Peer Overlay Networks Jun Chen, Ge Huang, Yinghao Guo   withdrawal withdrawal
3 CPSCom-108 Detection of Abnormal Crowd Distribution Zhenmei Liao, Su Yang, Jianning Liang   Y Y
4 CPSCom-111 Resource Selection in Large-Scale Distributed System Using Dynamic Task Sharing Zhong Yuan Li, Hee Yong Youn   Y Y
5 CPSCom-112 A Methodology to Predicate Human-Being's Movement Based on Movement Group Zhe Guo, Zheng Yan, Furong Wang   Y Y
6 CPSCom-114 Context Modeling for Reflecting the Perspectives of Constituent Agents in Distributed Reasoning Chang Hoon Lyu, Hee Yong Youn   Y Y
7 CPSCom-118 A Communication Protocol for a Vehicle Collision Warning System Huang Zhu, Gurdip Singh   Y Y
8 CPSCom-120 Towards Our Real Life-SMMS: Semantic-based Mobile Mashup System Zhipeng Peng, Huajun Chen, Jinghai Rao, Ying Liu, Lei Wang, Jian Chen   Y Y
9 CPSCom-122 The Multi-Modal Human Identification based on Smartcard in Video Surveillance System Hae-Min Moon, Sung Bum Pan   Y Y
10 CPSCom-126 Connecting technical and non-technical views of system architectures Li Li, Jozef Hooman, Jeroen Voeten   Y Y
11 CPSCom-127 SUPE-Net: an Efficient Parallel Simulation Environment for Large-scale Networked Social Dynamics Bonan Hou, Yiping Yao, Bing Wang, Dongsheng Liao   Y Y
12 CPSCom-128 A Study on Secure RFID Mutual Authentication Scheme Guorui Li, Ying Wang   Y Y
13 CPSCom-130 Benefits of Location-Based Access Control: A Literature Study André van Cleeff,  Wolter Pieters,  Roel Wieringa   Y Y
14 CPSCom-133 Optimal Congestion and Power Control Providing SINR Guarantee and Energy Saving for Ad Hoc Networks zhang yongmin, xu weiqiang   Y Y
15 CPSCom-134 Credential Identity Attribute Mining and the Development of an Identity Attribute Metrics Model Jackson Phiri, Tie Jun Zhao, Jameson Mbale   withdrawal withdrawal
16 CPSCom-136 Distributed Multi-agent Reasoning with Layered Context modeling and Prioriy Thi Hien Pham, Hong Nhat Pham, ChangHoon Lyu, Hee Yong Youn   Y Y
17 CPSCom-137 Dynamic Tuning Retransmission Limit of IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol for Networked Control Systems Jia Bai, Emeka P. Eyisi, Yuan Xue, Xenofon D. Koutsoukos   Y Y
18 CPSCom-138 Laptop theft: a case study on the effectiveness of security mechanisms Trajce Dimkov,  Wolter Pieters,  Pieter Hartel   Y Y
19 CPSCom-139 EPSP: Enhancing Network Protocol with Social-aware Plane Qianbing Zheng, Peidong Zhu, Yongwen Wang, Ming Xu   Y Y
20 CPSCom-142 Shift to Cyber-I: Reexamining Personalized Pervasive Learning Neil Y. Yen, Jianhua Ma, Runhe Huang, Qun Jin, Timothy K. Shih   Y Y
21 CPSCom-146 Virtual Avatar Control Using Wireless Sensors Qilei Li, Wenguang Jin   withdrawal withdrawal
22 CPSCom-147 Inference Attacks with Reverse Lookup in Online Social Networks Cong Tang, Jianbin Hu, Zhong Chen, Anming Xie, Zhaojun Wang, Yongqiang Xie   withdrawal withdrawal
23 CPSCom-150 iCare: A Mobile Health Monitoring System for the Elderly Ziyu Lv, Feng Xia, Guowei Wu, Lin Yao, Zhikui Chen   Y Y
24 CPSCom-160 A Clustering-based Location Privacy Protection Scheme for Pervasive Computing Lin Yao, Chi Lin, Xiangwei Kong, Feng Xia, Guowei Wu   Y Y
25 CPSCom-164 A Semantic Bayesian Network for Web Mashup Network Construction Chunying Zhou, Huajun Chen, Zhipeng Peng, Haifeng Liu, Yuan Ni   Y Y
26 CPSCom-165 BABAC: An access control framework for network virtualization using user behaviors and attributes Yanzhe Che, Qiang Yang, Chunming Wu, Lianhang Ma   Y Y
27 CPSCom-166 Towards Names and Gender Behavior in Online Social Networks Cong Tang, Jianbin Hu, Zhong Chen   Y Y
28 CPSCom-169 Security Issues and Challenges  for Cyber Physical System Eric Ke Wang, Yunming Ye, Xiaofei Xu, Siu-Ming Yiu, Lucas C.K. Hui, K.P. Chow   Y Y
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