The 4th Asia-Pacific Embedded Systems Education and Research Conference (APESER-2010)
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1 APESER-100 Designing and Implementing of Earliest Deadline First scheduling algorithm on Standard Linux Channamallikarjuna Mattihalli ckmattihalli"at"      
2 APESER-102 Advanced materials in Multi chip Module technology Assia Hanzaz assiapl2003"at"      
3 APESER-105 On the Toyota's Throttle Control Problem Jim Ras jras"at"      
4 APESER-108 To Explore Embedded System Education for Developing Local Economy Shi Shoudong, Rang-ding Wang, Qian Jiangbo stonenb81"at"      
5 APESER-110 Polyhedral Model Based Data Locality Optimization for Embedded Applications Yuan Xinyu, Li Ying yuanxinyu"at"      
6 APESER-111 An Implementation of a Vehicular Digital Video Recorder System Wang Ming-Shi mswang"at"      
7 APESER-114 Building a Software Development Environment for Embedded Systems: COMDES case study Yu Guo, Krzysztof Sierszecki, Christo Angelov ygu"at"      
8 APESER-118 Implementation of an Android Phone Based Video Streamer Nicholas C H Vun aschvun"at"      
9 APESER-124 An Automatic Control System for Ratbot Navigation Yanming Zhang; Sun, Nenggan Zheng, Shaomin Zhang, JIyan Lin, Weidong Chen, Xiaoxiang Zheng qaas"at"      
10 APESER-126 Construction of Mobile Internet Courses Man Cao aoman"at"      
11 APESER-129 Scheduling Optimization Techniques for FlexRay using Constraint-Programming Zheng Sun, Hong Li, Nan Li, Yao Min zhengsun"at"      
12 APESER-130 Zinix - A Function-Modularized Kernel for Multiprocessor Embedded Systems Jing Chen jchen"at"      
13 APESER-136 Developing a Toolset Supporting the Construction of Reusable Components for Embedded Control Systems Wei Guan, Krzysztof Sierszecki, Christo Angelov wg"at"      
14 APESER-138 Queue Management In Mobile Adhoc Networks(Manets) I Ramya, K Dinesh Kumar, M Roberts Masillamani ramyaillango18"at"      
15 APESER-141 A perspective on the experiential learning of computer architecture Ian McLoughlin, Koji Nakano mcloughlin"at"      
16 APESER-144 Development of High Density Infrared Remote Control Test Matching System Jianping Cai jpcai"at"      
17 APESER-146 Resource Sharing University Clusters for Live Digital Learning Padma Veni, M Roberts Masillamani        
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